Saturday, August 27, 2011

ECOS Demo at the U of A - Aug. 13, 2011

"Interested in learning about native Albertan plant species? Want to know what ECOS' Naturalization Project is all about?

We'll have an informative talk about native Albertan plants by Cherry Dodd of the Edmonton Naturalization Group while we enjoy tea made from native plants and vegan pastry treats!

Following the tour by Cherry Dodd, we will be joined by Gifts Of Nature who will be doing demos on how to utilize native plants to create our own oils, salves etc."

For more information about ECOS' Naturalization Project

We donated our time so this event was free for the participants.

I have to practice recording these more.  We rode bike there, it was +30 out, and I didn't mike up.  So the sound sucks, and I'm roasting.  However, there might be some merit to these anyway.

Next time, I'm getting one of those clappers from the movie producers.  Any more like this and I'll have my nerd card revoked for low quality tech and content.

Part One

Part Two - After everyone has created their infusions

Tech and sound by my journeywoman.  She makes a better alchemist.  Heh.  But it was much appreciated, or I wouldn't have this at all.

When I was talking about olive oils, I oversimplified a bit.  Expeller pressed is squeezing.  Cold pressed is squeezing at low temps.

My 9 year old daughter said she had a hard time with the magpie cawing in the background. It's very...natural.  But if someone wanted to help me subtitle it in future, it might prove more useful.