Bio: Green Witch, Activist and Bard

Trey Capnerhurst has lived in Edmonton for nearly 30 years and currently works as a non-standard health care practitioner, a ceramic artist, and a classically trained soprano. After her second homebirth, she now has a precocious 4 year old brother for her beautiful 11 year old daughter.

Trained originally in petroleum engineering, Trey has since pursued interests in women’s studies, comparative religions, nutritive and herbal healing, environmental health and sustainability. She is the foundress of a directory of independent local businesses and agencies that empower healthy choices. She has also founded local, national and international web-based groups dedicated to personal and global healing. As a reconstructionist and reCreationist, most of her current research is focused in original material in folk traditions of religion, healing, luxuries especially in regards to women's status and culture, music, garb, and other minutiae of daily lives of the past. As an activist, she has been honoured to serve as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada and Alberta in five elections, serves locally for the Greens, community boards and groups, and still performs for charity.

Trey has over 20 years experience in the non-conventional health industry as a professional apprenticed traditional healer. She is an expert dietician and nutritionist and a North American Standard master herbalist. Working almost entirely with the poorest and often most ill members of Edmonton, those usually with the fewest choices, she is a stanch proponent of public health care. She has committed herself to becoming a community-minded consciousness-raising facilitator dedicated to proven wisdom and intuitive knowledge, personal empowerment, and a widespread sense of community, particularly for women, on a global scale.